Liljana Panjtar

Liljana Panjtar
原产地 斯洛文尼亚
自成员 10 / 2012
关于我 I'm a textile designer with more than 20 years of experiences in textile industry. From April 2012 I work as a freelance designer / textile, graphic and industrial.
关于我的设计 I like colours which reflects in my designs. Designing for different materials is my passion and I really enjoy it.
我的灵感来源 Nature, relationships, travelling, different cultures, art, ethnic patterns, cheramics, paintings on furniture, good novels, music, my children, my country …
My contry is Slovenia, small, green country between Alps and Adriatic sea, with lots of woods, rivers and funny people – the tradition is very old which reflects in Slovenian design. I am close to simple design (less is more) – the traditional floral and ornamental motives are used on wood, textile, cheramic …
除了我设计的模式 Graphic design ( labels, trimmings, embroideries, stickers, leaflets, posters, catalogues, printed commercials, CGI / logos, business cards, stamps, business reports …), market presentations and showrooms, commercial campaigns and smaller exhibitions … and industrial design ( my true passion – expecially textile home equipments for children ).