Milena Meyer

Milena Meyer
原产地 德国
自成员 04 / 2018
关于我 My name is Milena and I am from Germany. I live in Frankfurt/Main and I really enjoy it
关于我的设计 I love to use different colours, very often, music has an extraordinary role
我的灵感来源 Music of different style is an important source of inspiration
Good question, I will pay may attention to figure it out.
除了我设计的模式 bags, svg cutting files,
色彩缤纷的圆圈 无缝矢量模式设计五颜六色的海星 无缝矢量模式设计霓虹鲷鱼 无缝矢量模式设计霓虹灯爱雨 无缝矢量模式设计