Gloria Caro

Gloria Caro
原产地 西班牙
自成员 09 / 2019
关于我 Hello and welcome! I am Gloria CaRo, a spanish illustrator and designer based in Canary Islands.
关于我的设计 There are simple and with a very small color palette. Elegant sometimes and sometimes fun.
我的灵感来源 My work mainly focuses on pattern and surface design, sea world illustration and what inspires me in every moment!
I live on an island, I´m inspired by the sea and the nature of the mountains.
除了我设计的模式 All kinds of illustrations, vector and handmade.
鱼或鸡大腿 无缝矢量模式设计鱼和波 无缝矢量模式设计针对当前 无缝矢量模式设计魚花环 无缝矢量模式设计海洋和鱼 无缝矢量模式设计安静的鲸鱼 无缝矢量模式设计鱼和鱼 无缝矢量模式设计足球检查 无缝矢量模式设计鱼和石头 无缝矢量模式设计变色龙 无缝矢量模式设计