Nicolle Pérez

Nicolle Pérez
Herkunft Kolumbien
Mitglied seit 01 / 2012
Über mich I started in the textile sector in 2000 designing labels for different fashion brands in my country. I'm Colombian, but for five years I lived in Madrid, there, I did a masters in textile and surface design. I am currently traveling in India for several months. It is a journey of inspiration for me.
Über meine Designs I really enjoy working with vectors and developing trends, the world of colors ... assemble the puzzle. I love geometric designs and damasks.
Was mich inspiriert My sources of inspiration are in culture, architecture, decoration, graffiti, history, nature and good proposals.
Typisch für Designs aus meinem Land
Neben Mustern gestalte ich I prepare my Stock of designs.
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