Nicolle Pérez

Nicolle Pérez
Origen Colombia
Miembro desde 01 / 2012
Sobre mí I started in the textile sector in 2000 designing labels for different fashion brands in my country. I'm Colombian, but for five years I lived in Madrid, there, I did a masters in textile and surface design. I am currently traveling in India for several months. It is a journey of inspiration for me.
Sobre mis diseños I really enjoy working with vectors and developing trends, the world of colors ... assemble the puzzle. I love geometric designs and damasks.
Mí fuente de inspiración My sources of inspiration are in culture, architecture, decoration, graffiti, history, nature and good proposals.
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño I prepare my Stock of designs.
Estampado Vector 1489Estampado Vector 1276Estampado Vector 2581Estampado Vector 1311Estampado Vector 1488Estampado Vector 1313Estampado Vector 1487Estampado Vector 2582Estampado Vector 1314Estampado Vector 1310Estampado Vector 1347Estampado Vector 1350Estampado Vector 1349Estampado Vector 1309Estampado Vector 1275Estampado Vector 1273Estampado Vector 2580Estampado Vector 1486Estampado Vector 1274Estampado Vector 1277Estampado Vector 1312Estampado Vector 1348Estampado Vector 1307Estampado Vector 1308Estampado Vector 1346Estampado Vector 1490Estampado Vector 1272Estampado Vector 12501Estampado Vector 1270Estampado Vector 1491Estampado Vector 1305Estampado Vector 1492Estampado Vector 1306Estampado Vector 1271Estampado Vector 12601Estampado Vector 12423Estampado Vector 12422Estampado Vector 12603Estampado Vector 12424