Jacek Muda

Jacek Muda
Herkunft Polen
Mitglied seit 02 / 2013
Über mich Hi! My name is Jacek, I was born in 1984. I am graphic & web designer from Poland. I love my creative space - getting ideas from my head to paper, computer screens and mobile devices, everyday objects. There's an extraordinary amount of fun and this work gives me incredible satisfaction.
Über meine Designs Originality, quality and creativity. My goal is gaining the viewer's attention to detail, which previously could not see. My dream is that my work became an inspiration for others.
Was mich inspiriert My work is inspired by both urban space and folklore. In search of ideas, I reach for the works of the masters, but I find them in everyday life as well. The source of inspiration can be a song, movie, book, article, photo, nature, travel.
Typisch für Designs aus meinem Land Polish designers and illustrators are very well known and respected throughout the world. They achieved mastery in many areas of design, even though many years of Communist control over culture. Polish design rules! An example would be an area for posters and painting - not necessarily referring to the Polish folklorism, but also penetrating the international quality.
Neben Mustern gestalte ich In addition to patterns, I'm designing websites, applications, brochures, flyers, wallpaper...etc. In this matter, there is no limit.