Laschon Robert Paul

Laschon Robert Paul
Origen Rumanía
Miembro desde 12 / 2012
Sobre mí Hello, I live in New York, NY.
Sobre mis diseños Most of my designs are geometrical, but I like to use objects too, or to mix elements of design from one to other. With a collection that includes more than 100 designs, I am trying to offer a lot of diversity.
Mí fuente de inspiración My designs are based on my illustrations and also composed from the pictures I occasionally take here and there.
Típico para los diseños de mi país Romania it's a beautiful country that you have to take the time to visit. And I think you'll not regret.
Además de los estampados diseño I also do illustrations, vectorized.
Estampado Vector 2879Estampado Vector 3150Estampado Vector 2874Estampado Vector 2752Estampado Vector 2722Estampado Vector 2940Estampado Vector 2880Estampado Vector 2733Estampado Vector 2732Estampado Vector 2708Estampado Vector 2703Estampado Vector 2907Estampado Vector 2704Estampado Vector 9908Estampado Vector 2923Estampado Vector 2924Estampado Vector 2769Estampado Vector 2766Estampado Vector 9608Estampado Vector 9457Estampado Vector 2710Estampado Vector 2742Estampado Vector 2730Estampado Vector 2771Estampado Vector 2889Estampado Vector 2725Estampado Vector 2780Estampado Vector 2826Estampado Vector 2705Estampado Vector 2824Estampado Vector 9415Estampado Vector 2709Estampado Vector 3149Estampado Vector 9419Estampado Vector 2831Estampado Vector 2948Estampado Vector 2950Estampado Vector 2707Estampado Vector 2772Estampado Vector 2778Estampado Vector 2756Estampado Vector 2887Estampado Vector 2953Estampado Vector 2781Estampado Vector 3148Estampado Vector 2827Estampado Vector 9544Estampado Vector 2728Estampado Vector 3147Estampado Vector 2830Estampado Vector 2741Estampado Vector 2765Estampado Vector 2718Estampado Vector 2925Estampado Vector 2755Estampado Vector 10145Estampado Vector 2888Estampado Vector 2735Estampado Vector 2743Estampado Vector 2713