Laschon Robert Paul

Laschon Robert Paul
Origin Romania
Member since 12 / 2012
About Me Hello, I live in New York, NY.
About My Designs Most of my designs are geometrical, but I like to use objects too, or to mix elements of design from one to other. With a collection that includes more than 100 designs, I am trying to offer a lot of diversity.
My Source of Inspiration My designs are based on my illustrations and also composed from the pictures I occasionally take here and there.
Typical for designs from
my country
Romania it's a beautiful country that you have to take the time to visit. And I think you'll not regret.
Besides patterns I design I also do illustrations, vectorized.
Damaskus Pattern DesignDamask Texture Vector DesignCarola Vector PatternColorful Butterflies Seamless Vector PatternSymmetrical Stars Repeating PatternOpulent Blue Pattern DesignArabic Gold Vector PatternPop Art Repeating PatternKaleidoscope Gardens Vector DesignOn Fire Seamless Vector PatternTo My Flower Vector PatternTraffic Signs Pattern DesignCircles Of Life Pattern DesignArtischock Pattern DesignPatchwork To The Square Pattern DesignEye Of Fire Pattern DesignArabica Repeating PatternGrannies Stitch Pattern DesignLadybug Meeting Repeating PatternMedieval Kaleidoscope Pattern DesignColorful Feather Pattern Vector DesignBeetlemania Vector PatternAbstract Grid Seamless Vector PatternAbstract Skin Design PatternCitronella RepeatBike Traffic Signs Pattern DesignRohan Design PatternPsychedelic Pattern DesignAlpha Beta Gamma Design PatternFlorial Pattern DesignSoccer Design PatternJellyfish Vector PatternDiamond Black Vector PatternElegant Flourish Vector PatternBlack Damask Vector DesignFutura Blue Vector OrnamentMarbles Seamless Vector PatternWooden Numbers Seamless PatternAbstract Surface Vector OrnamentPsycho Lady Repeat PatternCannabis Repeating PatternOptical Illusion Repeat PatternAdagissimo Repeating PatternPsycho Girl Pattern DesignPool Watersurface Seamless Vector PatternMaestro Vector OrnamentEarly Renaissance RepeatHolly Trio Seamless PatternCrystal Central Vector OrnamentIn The Palace Garden Seamless Vector PatternFlorabella Retro Vector PatternAlhambra Arte Vector DesignBordura Seamless PatternHonolulu Design PatternKaleidoscope Repeating PatternRingo Stars Repeat PatternThe Rainbow Twist Vector PatternFantasia RepeatShamrock In Red RepeatYellow Chamomile Vector Design