Bethania Lima

Bethania Lima
Origen Chile
Miembro desde 02 / 2013
Sobre mí I am a surface designer, occasional painter, photographer and multimedia adventurer. For licensing and collaboration inquiries email
Sobre mis diseños Linear, decorative, floral, my style is a sort of spontaneous geometry.
Mí fuente de inspiración Flowers, trees, cities, trips, colors.
Típico para los diseños de mi país Colours and geometric shapes
Además de los estampados diseño My garden, a few paintings, some wall art prints and take photos. In a really good day, I may even create a nice lunch or dinner!
Estampado Vector 4230Estampado Vector 3241Estampado Vector 3238Estampado Vector 3815Estampado Vector 6830Estampado Vector 4119Estampado Vector 4312Estampado Vector 6731Estampado Vector 3806Estampado Vector 3131Estampado Vector 3819Estampado Vector 6769Estampado Vector 6726Estampado Vector 3242Estampado Vector 4079Estampado Vector 3143Estampado Vector 6732Estampado Vector 6704Estampado Vector 4080Estampado Vector 3820Estampado Vector 4081Estampado Vector 6743Estampado Vector 3237Estampado Vector 3177Estampado Vector 4115Estampado Vector 4083Estampado Vector 4075Estampado Vector 6745Estampado Vector 3229Estampado Vector 4082Estampado Vector 6797Estampado Vector 3126Estampado Vector 3228Estampado Vector 6727Estampado Vector 3174Estampado Vector 3178Estampado Vector 6703Estampado Vector 4074Estampado Vector 3176Estampado Vector 6705Estampado Vector 11005Estampado Vector 6721Estampado Vector 6744Estampado Vector 6787Estampado Vector 10836Estampado Vector 23646Estampado Vector 23527Estampado Vector 23659Estampado Vector 23639Estampado Vector 23648Estampado Vector 23595Estampado Vector 23630Estampado Vector 23601Estampado Vector 23637Estampado Vector 23586Estampado Vector 23528Estampado Vector 23620Estampado Vector 23571Estampado Vector 23628Estampado Vector 23623