Bethania Lima

Bethania Lima
Origin Chile
Member since 02 / 2013
About Me I am a surface designer, occasional painter, photographer and multimedia adventurer. For licensing and collaboration inquiries email
About My Designs Linear, decorative, floral, my style is a sort of spontaneous geometry.
My Source of Inspiration Flowers, trees, cities, trips, colors.
Typical for designs from
my country
Colours and geometric shapes
Besides patterns I design My garden, a few paintings, some wall art prints and take photos. In a really good day, I may even create a nice lunch or dinner!
Ironwork Repeat PatternPizzicato Flor RepeatScattering Stars Repeating PatternFantasy With Pink Vector DesignInes Loves Yellow Flowers Vector OrnamentClear-Sightedness Pattern DesignRainbow Coordinates Design PatternCitronelli Vector OrnamentCrystal Glass Design PatternOne Thousand And One Seamless Vector PatternCelestial Pattern DesignLucky Flowers Grey RepeatArctic Coordinates Vector DesignPeaceful Journey Beige Pattern DesignPixel Flower Repeating PatternPeaceful Journey Celeste Design PatternNeedle Rain Pattern DesignThistle Pop Vector PatternFantasy In Blue Vector PatternSpatial Coordinates Vector OrnamentPixeled Dots Repeating PatternBlossom Drops Green Vector OrnamentDelicato Pattern DesignFidelio Blue Seamless PatternMid Century Mood Vector OrnamentBlossom Drops Lavender Seamless PatternPhysalis Rock Repeat PatternBlossom Drops Chamois Seamless Vector PatternCross Coordinates Seamless Vector PatternGeometric Lotus Repeating PatternLucky Flowers Seamless Vector PatternMagic Coordinates Design PatternPixel Flower Pop Repeat PatternAstoria Repeat PatternPhysalis Love Repeating PatternDelicato Color Design PatternAstoria Color Pattern DesignBlock Party Vector DesignErratic Hexagon Repeat PatternBlooming Lotus Vector DesignClimber Repeating PatternCrystal Vibe Seamless PatternUrban Blocks Vector OrnamentHexagon Company Vector OrnamentGeometric Boldness RepeatModern Ogees Seamless PatternNordic Trails Pattern DesignGeos Rhythm No Three Vector OrnamentCereal Ears Zigzag Pattern DesignGothic Foliage Pattern DesignGothic Style Pattern DesignVivid Cacti Habitat Vector OrnamentVivid Cacti Pattern DesignFence Climbler Seamless Vector PatternNordic Coordinates Seamless Vector PatternOrnaments Dark On Light Repeat PatternGeos Rhythm Vector PatternOpen Wings Design PatternStylized Garden Flowers Repeating PatternGothic Symmetry Repeat Pattern