Christoph Stichlberger

Christoph Stichlberger
Origen Austria
Miembro desde 08 / 2013
Sobre mí From the beginning as a software developer I was into graphics programming - accordingly my designs are a bit technical. It's amazing what can be produced with a few lines of code.
Sobre mis diseños Apart from technological influences you will also find some inspirations by my affinity to nature.
Mí fuente de inspiración Technology, mathematics, nature, and of course my dreams
Típico para los diseños de mi país Montains, Edelweiss and Apfelstrudel
Además de los estampados diseño Software, a garden and an interesting life
Estampado Vector 4220Estampado Vector 4623Estampado Vector 4768Estampado Vector 4641Estampado Vector 5050Estampado Vector 4940Estampado Vector 4076Estampado Vector 4222Estampado Vector 4336Estampado Vector 4191Estampado Vector 4600Estampado Vector 4355Estampado Vector 4383Estampado Vector 4375Estampado Vector 4713Estampado Vector 4354Estampado Vector 4603Estampado Vector 4966Estampado Vector 4587Estampado Vector 4211Estampado Vector 4003Estampado Vector 4212Estampado Vector 4213Estampado Vector 4335Estampado Vector 4969Estampado Vector 4632Estampado Vector 4696Estampado Vector 4889Estampado Vector 4214Estampado Vector 4967Estampado Vector 4843Estampado Vector 4795Estampado Vector 4158Estampado Vector 6146Estampado Vector 3979Estampado Vector 4887Estampado Vector 4888Estampado Vector 4599Estampado Vector 4585Estampado Vector 4586Estampado Vector 3955Estampado Vector 4588Estampado Vector 4086Estampado Vector 4482Estampado Vector 4697Estampado Vector 4633Estampado Vector 4591Estampado Vector 4592Estampado Vector 5514Estampado Vector 4184Estampado Vector 4159Estampado Vector 6642Estampado Vector 4944Estampado Vector 4416Estampado Vector 3912Estampado Vector 4374Estampado Vector 4602Estampado Vector 4172Estampado Vector 4593Estampado Vector 4219