Christoph Stichlberger

Christoph Stichlberger
Origin Austria
Member since 08 / 2013
About Me From the beginning as a software developer I was into graphics programming - accordingly my designs are a bit technical. It's amazing what can be produced with a few lines of code.
About My Designs Apart from technological influences you will also find some inspirations by my affinity to nature.
My Source of Inspiration Technology, mathematics, nature, and of course my dreams
Typical for designs from
my country
Montains, Edelweiss and Apfelstrudel
Besides patterns I design Software, a garden and an interesting life
Golden Chain On Violet Silk Design PatternSea Of Wavy Stars Vector PatternMumbling In Colored Glass RepeatFlower Explosion Seamless PatternGray Triangle Snow Repeat PatternRose Garden Around Seamless PatternSoft Diamonds Pattern DesignUprising Squares Seamless Vector PatternNeon Bubbles Repeating PatternMexican Mandala Vector OrnamentSwell Of Crosses Seamless Vector PatternConfusion Of The Pink Squares Repeating PatternCity Blocks In Summer Design PatternNucleus In The Neonlight Pattern DesignCity Blocks In Spring Pattern DesignRainbow Drops Repeating PatternMiscellaneous Colored Confetti Design PatternStella Natura Repeating PatternIllusion Of Elegance Vector OrnamentTriangles In Watergreen Pattern DesignThe Oddysey Of The Lavender Design PatternTriangles Light The Way Home Seamless PatternAqua Soda Club Pattern DesignThe Scale Of The Dragon Seamless PatternVertigo Check Vector OrnamentGlass Beads Wrestling Design PatternGlass Bead Chains Repeating PatternSpace Baby Bubble Repeating PatternLightheaded Seamless PatternEllipso Verde Design PatternStarkly Circles Vector OrnamentGlass Window Indian Summer Repeat PatternThe Matrix Of The Triangles Vector PatternRainbow Confetti Grid Pattern DesignMorning Dew By Monet Pattern DesignBlossoms In Night Blue Vector DesignDiscus Pastel Seamless PatternThe Sea Side Of The Glass Window Vector PatternMorning Light Thicket Pattern DesignWaves Downhill Design PatternVertical Confetti Wave Repeat PatternEtoiles Francaises Seamless PatternPink Star Parade Repeating PatternConfetti Me Repeating PatternMolecular Chain Reaction Vector OrnamentAfter Rain Comes Sun Seamless Vector PatternLiquid Stripes Vector PatternComet Fireworks Vector DesignMonet Loved Springtime Pattern DesignColorful To The Square Repeating PatternSpiral Summer Vector DesignTumbling Mosaic Squares Vector DesignTetricolor Seamless PatternDazzling Colorful Confetti RepeatOrnamentico Repeating PatternPsychedelic Nine Repeat PatternNeostatic Repeating PatternSnakes In The Checkered Garden RepeatCity Blocks Vector PatternStar Crafts On Top Vector Pattern