Olha Kostiuk

Olha Kostiuk
Origen Ucrania
Miembro desde 10 / 2013
Sobre mí I am vector illustrator and I love create different cute designs. I'm very happy when my creation is used in real life. Please, contact me by email: olha.kostiuk89@gmail.com
Sobre mis diseños Seamless patterns in geometric abstract style, floral and ethnic ornaments. Colorful and black-and-white textures.
Mí fuente de inspiración Nature, first of all, ethnic ornaments, fashion trends and my mind:)
Típico para los diseños de mi país Ukrainian folk ornaments
Además de los estampados diseño icons, mock-ups, abstract backgrounds, hand-drawn illustrations
Estampado Vector 5603Estampado Vector 5602Estampado Vector 5558Estampado Vector 5562Estampado Vector 5560Estampado Vector 5611Estampado Vector 5547Estampado Vector 13463Estampado Vector 5571Estampado Vector 12580Estampado Vector 5359Estampado Vector 5566Estampado Vector 5584Estampado Vector 12555Estampado Vector 12605Estampado Vector 13401Estampado Vector 18293Estampado Vector 5357Estampado Vector 13479Estampado Vector 12683Estampado Vector 13382Estampado Vector 13316Estampado Vector 13657Estampado Vector 12650Estampado Vector 12612Estampado Vector 13566Estampado Vector 13429Estampado Vector 13426Estampado Vector 13477Estampado Vector 13325Estampado Vector 13291Estampado Vector 13425Estampado Vector 13635Estampado Vector 13465Estampado Vector 13475Estampado Vector 13634Estampado Vector 13464Estampado Vector 14012Estampado Vector 13702Estampado Vector 13466Estampado Vector 13467Estampado Vector 18242Estampado Vector 13476Estampado Vector 18291Estampado Vector 13290Estampado Vector 13396Estampado Vector 13380Estampado Vector 13646Estampado Vector 13581Estampado Vector 13315Estampado Vector 13287Estampado Vector 12743Estampado Vector 13340Estampado Vector 13298Estampado Vector 13018Estampado Vector 13738Estampado Vector 13688Estampado Vector 12081Estampado Vector 14760Estampado Vector 26495