Olha Kostiuk

Olha Kostiuk
Origin Ukraine
Member since 10 / 2013
About Me I am vector illustrator and I love create different cute designs. I'm very happy when my creation is used in real life. Please, contact me by email: olha.kostiuk89@gmail.com
About My Designs Seamless patterns in geometric abstract style, floral and ethnic ornaments. Colorful and black-and-white textures.
My Source of Inspiration Nature, first of all, ethnic ornaments, fashion trends and my mind:)
Typical for designs from
my country
Ukrainian folk ornaments
Besides patterns I design icons, mock-ups, abstract backgrounds, hand-drawn illustrations
Geometric Facets Vector DesignGeometric Vision Vector PatternHalloween Pumpkins Vector PatternSkull Vision RepeatBat Flight Repeating PatternKaleidoscope Spectrum Seamless PatternSparkling Polka Dots Vector PatternGeometric Memphis Design PatternRainbow Diamonds Repeating PatternMemphis RepeatChecks Downhill Seamless Vector PatternPolka Dot Com Vector OrnamentPolka Dot Spring RepeatFlying Objects Design PatternMemphis Shapes Vector PatternHipster Memphis Vector OrnamentChecks Love Spring Vector OrnamentMinimalistic Sketchy Bordure Vector DesignLiving Geometry Vector OrnamentScandinavian Signs Vector DesignThree-dimensional Elements Repeat PatternFootball Repeat PatternMemphis Ball Vector OrnamentMemphis Tribute Repeat PatternMaori Style Repeat PatternCircle Brushstrokes Pattern DesignMemphis Revival Vector PatternAbstract Brushstrokes Repeat PatternSketchy Bordure Seamless Vector PatternGeometric Mexican Vector DesignModern Ink Ornaments Vector PatternAbstract Shapes Repeating PatternEighties Memphis Seamless PatternGeometric Elements Vector OrnamentRetro Revival Repeat PatternDrifting Galaxy Repeating PatternAuto Spare Parts Pattern DesignRound Brushstrokes Vector OrnamentHalf Memphis Seamless Vector PatternClean Memphis RepeatMemphis Pill Vector PatternMen World Seamless PatternGeometric Lesson Pattern DesignHipster Geometry Lesson Vector DesignMemphis decorated balls Pattern DesignMemphis embellished Ball Seamless Vector PatternScandinavian Brush Marks Vector DesignRetro Memphis Repeat PatternThin Lines Repeating PatternDrifting Elements RepeatModern Holes Design PatternScandinavian Rhythm Pattern DesignFootball and Cups  Repeating PatternScandinavian Brush Strokes Design PatternLine Breeze Repeating PatternCute Brushstrokes Design PatternOnline Security Vector PatternCute Elements Vector DesignMexican Geometry Pattern DesignLinear Waves Vector Design