Michael Popov Studios

Michael Popov Studios
Origen Estados Unidos
Miembro desde 03 / 2012
Sobre mí Working hard to reinvent myself with the vector format. but an artist /musician at heart
Sobre mis diseños I try to be as current as i can with my designs. love tradition but it's in my rearview mirror.
Mí fuente de inspiración Inspiration starts at the beginning of the day. the sunset and forward.
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño Besides patterns I play music to break up the day. And I'm sending you the best picture of myself I could find.
Estampado Vector 6014Estampado Vector 6203Estampado Vector 8826Estampado Vector 8925Estampado Vector 1452Estampado Vector 3810Estampado Vector 2573Estampado Vector 1598Estampado Vector 2118Estampado Vector 2802Estampado Vector 3884Estampado Vector 3836Estampado Vector 8802Estampado Vector 3798Estampado Vector 9290Estampado Vector 3265Estampado Vector 3767Estampado Vector 10270Estampado Vector 2145Estampado Vector 1999Estampado Vector 3762Estampado Vector 1599Estampado Vector 2261Estampado Vector 10768Estampado Vector 4651Estampado Vector 8841Estampado Vector 2330Estampado Vector 3886Estampado Vector 2942Estampado Vector 5172Estampado Vector 4613Estampado Vector 3764Estampado Vector 3876Estampado Vector 6058Estampado Vector 3763Estampado Vector 9635Estampado Vector 10938Estampado Vector 6696Estampado Vector 6174Estampado Vector 2073Estampado Vector 3885Estampado Vector 4112Estampado Vector 3216Estampado Vector 4143Estampado Vector 5927Estampado Vector 2616Estampado Vector 8691Estampado Vector 6688Estampado Vector 3761Estampado Vector 3837Estampado Vector 4023Estampado Vector 2818Estampado Vector 8806Estampado Vector 2941Estampado Vector 3809Estampado Vector 5994Estampado Vector 8847Estampado Vector 3812Estampado Vector 11273Estampado Vector 10108