Michael Popov Studios

Michael Popov Studios
Origin United States
Member since 03 / 2012
About Me Working hard to reinvent myself with the vector format. but an artist /musician at heart
About My Designs I try to be as current as i can with my designs. love tradition but it's in my rearview mirror.
My Source of Inspiration Inspiration starts at the beginning of the day. the sunset and forward.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Besides patterns I play music to break up the day. And I'm sending you the best picture of myself I could find.
Hibiscus Bloom Vector DesignMedallion Vector PatternArtilando Beige Vector DesignTropical Flush Design PatternPaisley Royal Design PatternDeep Sea Parade Vector OrnamentRed White Red Pattern DesignJapanese Tiles Vector DesignEthno Zig Zag Repeat PatternEpochal Roses Pattern DesignGentle Foliage Pattern DesignAllover Argyle Seamless PatternHibiscus Splendor Seamless Vector PatternBeige Ornament Pattern DesignBright Art Deco Vector PatternCatch The Butterfly Pattern DesignMaritime Medallions Repeat PatternShapes And Stripes Repeating PatternArt Deco In Japan Vector OrnamentPlayful Fans Vector OrnamentFine Affair Repeat PatternExpress Blue Vector DesignSweetest Fruits Repeating PatternPaisley Ocean Pattern DesignOriental Fairytales Pattern DesignBordura Russkaja Seamless Vector PatternFun Stripes Vector DesignArrows On Green Seamless Vector PatternDrybrush Stripe Bliss Design PatternArt Conus Vector PatternFluidize Triangles Vector DesignDrybrush RepeatDream Leaves Pattern DesignShapes Seamless PatternArchaic Mosaic Pattern DesignPaisley Universe Design PatternAll Over Lighten Argyle Seamless Vector PatternPopovs Favourite Subjects Repeating PatternStars Over The Jungle Vector PatternLove Cats Vector DesignElegance Vertical Pattern DesignSoft South Vector DesignElegance Pastel RepeatParasols From Asia Seamless PatternPalm Leaf Avant Garde Pattern DesignCupcakes Design PatternVolley Red Pattern DesignRoyal Paisley Vector OrnamentBright Ornament Pattern DesignPixel Plaid Pattern DesignFlower Swirls Seamless Vector PatternPatch Deco Vector PatternFlora Fantastica Design PatternLoose Paisley Cinnamon Pattern DesignKayaks Vector DesignArtilando Soft Repeat PatternPaisley Leaf Melange Vector PatternFlying Saucers Repeat PatternOval Office Pattern DesignDot Check Seamless Vector Pattern