Origen Rusia
Miembro desde 03 / 2014
Sobre mí I am a Russian-based surface designer and create unique ornaments, detailed floral designs, and various other nature-inspired illustrations.
Sobre mis diseños My pattern designs are dreamy and full of tangled lines and fantasy plants.
Mí fuente de inspiración I have a passion for nature and color that distinguishes my work. At the moment I am happily focused on things I love best during my traveling: draw tangled ornaments and watercolor flowers.
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño books and illustrations
Estampado Vector 8484Estampado Vector 7273Estampado Vector 5294Estampado Vector 5766Estampado Vector 5327Estampado Vector 5827Estampado Vector 6169Estampado Vector 7961Estampado Vector 7409Estampado Vector 5845Estampado Vector 5577Estampado Vector 5408Estampado Vector 7955Estampado Vector 6218Estampado Vector 5976Estampado Vector 5540Estampado Vector 5629Estampado Vector 7977Estampado Vector 6205Estampado Vector 8660Estampado Vector 5550Estampado Vector 6185Estampado Vector 6754Estampado Vector 5649Estampado Vector 6672Estampado Vector 5517Estampado Vector 8478Estampado Vector 5380Estampado Vector 6367Estampado Vector 5469Estampado Vector 5374Estampado Vector 5431Estampado Vector 6874Estampado Vector 6716Estampado Vector 6321Estampado Vector 6141Estampado Vector 8490Estampado Vector 6867Estampado Vector 6734Estampado Vector 5616Estampado Vector 6419Estampado Vector 6002Estampado Vector 6322Estampado Vector 8751Estampado Vector 7311Estampado Vector 6673Estampado Vector 5347Estampado Vector 5967Estampado Vector 6333Estampado Vector 5538Estampado Vector 6755Estampado Vector 5262Estampado Vector 6773Estampado Vector 5521Estampado Vector 5397Estampado Vector 6276Estampado Vector 6645Estampado Vector 6091Estampado Vector 5821Estampado Vector 8800