Origin Russia
Member since 03 / 2014
About Me I am a Russian-based surface designer and create unique ornaments, detailed floral designs, and various other nature-inspired illustrations.
About My Designs My pattern designs are dreamy and full of tangled lines and fantasy plants.
My Source of Inspiration I have a passion for nature and color that distinguishes my work. At the moment I am happily focused on things I love best during my traveling: draw tangled ornaments and watercolor flowers.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design books and illustrations
Snow White Garden In Spring Vector PatternDewdrop Seamless Vector PatternDewdrops Seamless Vector PatternStar Windows In Bagdad Vector PatternMandala Floral Vector PatternFine Branches Pattern DesignLines And Circles Pattern DesignVariety Of Leaves Pattern DesignCoral Spring Vector OrnamentFunny Leisure Time At Night Vector DesignWatercolors Dot Com Vector PatternReefgarden At Night RepeatArt Nouveau Of The Ocean Repeat PatternBusy Honey Bees In The Woods Pattern DesignTriangles Upside Down Repeat PatternFiligro Beauty Leaf Seamless Vector PatternParty In The Yellow Submarine Repeat PatternMy Sweet Valentine Bird Seamless Vector PatternUps And Downs In Rio Repeat PatternTadpole And Fish In Africa RepeatAbove And Below Water Vector PatternMandala Dreams Pattern DesignMaori Fish Vector PatternLeaves Bohemian In Winter Vector PatternLove Rewind Seamless Vector PatternWatercolor Rain Drops Vector OrnamentCell Structure Pattern DesignValentines Day In The Magic Forest Pattern DesignIn The Kopernikus Network Seamless PatternIn Mums Strawberry Paradise Seamless PatternRussian Flower Compliments Vector PatternOwls On Holiday Repeat PatternMandala Patchwork RepeatKaleidoscope Mandala Seamless PatternNatural Beauty Repeating PatternRadioactive Color Geometry Seamless PatternMelons For Breakfast Repeat PatternRusalkas Braided Hair In Spring RepeatWatercolor Polkadot Seamless PatternThe Opalecence Of Water RepeatNeon Fantasies Seamless Vector PatternHarlequin Upside Down Vector PatternTree Nursery In Autumn Repeat PatternSkill Games Of The Diamond Indians Vector DesignPlankton And Seaweed Seamless Vector PatternSpring Geometry Repeat PatternFantasy Flowers underwater Pattern DesignSquiggle Curls Seamless PatternBe My Valentine Pattern DesignThe Secret Of The Desert Pattern DesignStarting Points In The Square Repeating PatternNordic Summer Bloom Vector OrnamentDancing In Rio RepeatZinnia Fantasy Pattern DesignThe Fantastic Journey Of The Sea Turtles Pattern DesignFrostwork Fantasies Pattern DesignMosaic Melancholy Pattern DesignWinter Paradise RepeatThe Mermaids Gentle Swell Repeating PatternCovered With Leaves Repeat Pattern