Tajdarmuhammad Shah

Tajdarmuhammad Shah
Origen Pakistán
Miembro desde 01 / 2015
Sobre mí i am creative illustrator, textile designer, freelancer A Lover Of Art And Technology, And Their Combined Power To Express. Fast learner, Dependable, Confident, teamwork, punctual, logical and creative.
Sobre mis diseños My favorite motif - floral pattern in Bold colourful style. But I love to experiment with different styles and different color schemes.
Mí fuente de inspiración inspire from nature i want to convert all natural things in textile patterns
Típico para los diseños de mi país Traditional designs with illustrations of the regional floral.
Además de los estampados diseño Vector Illustrations, Textile, Print designs
Estampado Vector 9379Estampado Vector 9273Estampado Vector 8849Estampado Vector 8832Estampado Vector 9272Estampado Vector 9162Estampado Vector 9260Estampado Vector 9332Estampado Vector 9139Estampado Vector 8852Estampado Vector 9305Estampado Vector 9288Estampado Vector 8863Estampado Vector 9151Estampado Vector 9233Estampado Vector 8773Estampado Vector 8855Estampado Vector 9249Estampado Vector 9236Estampado Vector 9326Estampado Vector 8823Estampado Vector 8857Estampado Vector 9346Estampado Vector 8795Estampado Vector 9304Estampado Vector 9250Estampado Vector 8817Estampado Vector 10037Estampado Vector 9212Estampado Vector 8920Estampado Vector 8827Estampado Vector 9348Estampado Vector 9078Estampado Vector 9432Estampado Vector 8924Estampado Vector 9063Estampado Vector 9455Estampado Vector 8811Estampado Vector 9002Estampado Vector 8838Estampado Vector 8895Estampado Vector 9440Estampado Vector 19062Estampado Vector 8782Estampado Vector 8979Estampado Vector 8877Estampado Vector 8119Estampado Vector 8921Estampado Vector 9356Estampado Vector 9340Estampado Vector 10075Estampado Vector 10025Estampado Vector 8917Estampado Vector 8934Estampado Vector 9241Estampado Vector 10086Estampado Vector 8839Estampado Vector 10109Estampado Vector 9412Estampado Vector 8870