Tajdarmuhammad Shah

Tajdarmuhammad Shah
Origin Pakistan
Member since 01 / 2015
About Me i am creative illustrator, textile designer, freelancer A Lover Of Art And Technology, And Their Combined Power To Express. Fast learner, Dependable, Confident, teamwork, punctual, logical and creative.
About My Designs My favorite motif - floral pattern in Bold colourful style. But I love to experiment with different styles and different color schemes.
My Source of Inspiration inspire from nature i want to convert all natural things in textile patterns
Typical for designs from
my country
Traditional designs with illustrations of the regional floral.
Besides patterns I design Vector Illustrations, Textile, Print designs
Wind Dance RepeatTropical Leafage Vector OrnamentPlum Repeating PatternDancing Leaves Design PatternDark Cherry Pattern DesignFresh Plum Design PatternOnion Mix Design PatternSlices Of Lemon Vector DesignHawaiian Leaves Pattern DesignBanana Mix Design PatternCitrus Refreshment Pattern DesignQuince Harvest Vector DesignWalnut Pattern DesignSliced Lemon Design PatternJapanese Berries Vector DesignPicking Apples Pattern DesignPeaches Vector OrnamentTwin Leaves Repeat PatternLeaves Of The Elm Tree RepeatOnion Stock Seamless PatternLeaf Silhouettes Pattern DesignApple Jumble Seamless Vector PatternIndian Summer Pattern DesignBerry Mix RepeatKiwi Star Design PatternBud Awakening Repeat PatternPeach Repeat PatternRoasted Almonds Pattern DesignPepper Design PatternLeaf Dance Repeating PatternFareastern Bloom Vector PatternCherries Vector PatternOlive Harvest Repeating PatternFresh Pear Repeating PatternMaple Trio Repeating PatternCounting Leaves RepeatSwirly Design PatternLeaf Match Repeat PatternLeaf Trio Vector DesignSummer Fruits  Repeating PatternTropical Leaves Vector OrnamentLily Of The Valley Seamless PatternFruit Leaves Vector DesignLeaves From My Garden Seamless Vector PatternBerry Harvest Vector OrnamentThe Flowers Fall Seamless PatternKimono Flowers Vector PatternPlums Vector OrnamentCollecting Nuts Repeat PatternPumpkin Or Balloon Seamless Vector PatternRetro Plums Vector DesignPlum Bloom RepeatOne Kind Of Leaf Design PatternLeaf On Leaf Seamless PatternAsh Leaves Vector DesignCitrus Flowers Design PatternI Like Almonds RepeatPear Vector PatternAlmond Pattern DesignLemon Mix Repeat Pattern