Katrin Kristjansdottir

Katrin Kristjansdottir
Origen Islandia
Miembro desde 07 / 2012
Sobre mí I am a designer who is always on the move and constantly being inspired by the environment. I am from Iceland and therefore a hopeless romantic and a dreamer.
Sobre mis diseños My main interests are geometrical forms and nature. My designs have a lot of variety being inspired by different environment, music or dreams.
Mí fuente de inspiración I am from Iceland where people and nature live together and therefore nature plays a big role in my inspiration. You can’t escape from nature even if you try. Public art, art installations and murals – is everywhere in Iceland. The museums and galleries are loaded with modern and folk art, photography and textile arts. Innovative music is a big part of the Icelandic community and plays a very big role in my inspiration.
Típico para los diseños de mi país Much of Icelandic design reflects the mystique of form, colours and texture taken from Icelandic nature. Also typical for designers from Iceland is to make designs from natural material, like Icelandic wool, leather, fish-skin and fur.
Además de los estampados diseño I worked for a fashion designer Ragna Frodadottir for 7 years in Iceland and after that time I am constantly creating something new. I can never sit still or do only one thing at a time. Knitting, sewing and crochets projects lie around my house or in my bag to take with me where ever I go.
Estampado Vector 710Estampado Vector 1321Estampado Vector 1322Estampado Vector 1079Estampado Vector 880Estampado Vector 1078Estampado Vector 689Estampado Vector 678Estampado Vector 1093Estampado Vector 816Estampado Vector 1155Estampado Vector 891Estampado Vector 570Estampado Vector 1208Estampado Vector 1264Estampado Vector 1199Estampado Vector 1160Estampado Vector 540Estampado Vector 1293Estampado Vector 1207Estampado Vector 879Estampado Vector 1154Estampado Vector 1296Estampado Vector 2617Estampado Vector 1156Estampado Vector 1092Estampado Vector 1320Estampado Vector 1094Estampado Vector 793Estampado Vector 575Estampado Vector 890Estampado Vector 818Estampado Vector 1080Estampado Vector 1164Estampado Vector 1299Estampado Vector 617Estampado Vector 885Estampado Vector 588Estampado Vector 1297Estampado Vector 564Estampado Vector 883Estampado Vector 1212Estampado Vector 565Estampado Vector 2301Estampado Vector 1323Estampado Vector 881Estampado Vector 849Estampado Vector 1298Estampado Vector 1068Estampado Vector 1181Estampado Vector 626Estampado Vector 1295Estampado Vector 1075Estampado Vector 632Estampado Vector 1294Estampado Vector 585Estampado Vector 889Estampado Vector 884Estampado Vector 1200Estampado Vector 877