Katrin Kristjansdottir

Katrin Kristjansdottir
Origin Iceland
Member since 07 / 2012
About Me I am a designer who is always on the move and constantly being inspired by the environment. I am from Iceland and therefore a hopeless romantic and a dreamer.
About My Designs My main interests are geometrical forms and nature. My designs have a lot of variety being inspired by different environment, music or dreams.
My Source of Inspiration I am from Iceland where people and nature live together and therefore nature plays a big role in my inspiration. You can’t escape from nature even if you try. Public art, art installations and murals – is everywhere in Iceland. The museums and galleries are loaded with modern and folk art, photography and textile arts. Innovative music is a big part of the Icelandic community and plays a very big role in my inspiration.
Typical for designs from
my country
Much of Icelandic design reflects the mystique of form, colours and texture taken from Icelandic nature. Also typical for designers from Iceland is to make designs from natural material, like Icelandic wool, leather, fish-skin and fur.
Besides patterns I design I worked for a fashion designer Ragna Frodadottir for 7 years in Iceland and after that time I am constantly creating something new. I can never sit still or do only one thing at a time. Knitting, sewing and crochets projects lie around my house or in my bag to take with me where ever I go.
Pink Maori Seamless PatternShy Loretta Vector OrnamentLovely Loretta Vector DesignFrostwork RepeatScattered Flowers On Lilaq Seamless PatternNordic Floral Dream Repeat PatternScandiflor RepeatBlue Balloons Vector OrnamentLightgreen Maori Seamless Vector PatternMister Bear Design PatternMille Fleurs On Rose Seamless Vector PatternLucky Charms Repeat PatternGrannys Cherry Garden Red Vector OrnamentDelilahs Night Red Vector OrnamentCandy Pattern DesignCandy Caramel Pattern DesignLace Idol Brown Repeating PatternPortos Baroque Design PatternMille Fleurs On Beige Vector OrnamentGrannys Cherry Garden Blue Design PatternGrannys Cherry Garden Pink Seamless PatternSunflower Wakening Pattern DesignMoroccan BW Vector PatternBandana Bianco Repeating PatternDaisy Flowers Grey Design PatternFrostwork On Midnight Seamless PatternFireworks Pattern DesignMoroccan Mint Repeating PatternWhite Fireworks Seamless PatternScattered Flowers On Black Seamless Vector PatternPortos Vector DesignSakura Seamless PatternBlack Maori Vector OrnamentSpring Message Vector PatternKoperniko Repeating PatternDelilahs Night Turquoise Design PatternHeart Shaped Beige Seamless PatternProfessional Brown Pattern DesignBonbons Pink Seamless Vector PatternCirri Of Bell Flowers Vector PatternMoroccan Black Vector PatternFalling Stars Design PatternLoretto Seamless PatternWhite Maori Vector PatternAutumn Flowers Seamless Vector PatternHerzblüten Apricot Seamless Vector PatternBandana Vector DesignRed Fireworks Vector OrnamentRetro Leaves Design PatternLilac Mushroom Dream Seamless PatternBlue Lobster Vector DesignRetro Potpourri Green Repeating PatternRetro Potpourri Light Pattern DesignFluttering Star Seamless Vector PatternLucky Charms In Blue Pattern DesignDelilas Night Pattern DesignVintage Balloons Seamless PatternMoroccan Blue Vector DesignLucky Charms In Green RepeatMoroccan Grey Repeat Pattern