Rebecca Wismeg

Rebecca Wismeg
Origen Alemania
Miembro desde 07 / 2012
Sobre mí I'm a rather freaky person. I studied German language and literature, although I could not leave pencil and paper untouched since I was a child. I love art and literature alike.
Sobre mis diseños ... often are created "by accident". I pick certain elements from drawings and sketches and create a pattern using them, I like to see how they look in a completely new setting.
Mí fuente de inspiración Special places and people - from little Cafés in small towns to London's thriving Camden Town - from the bright orange fur coat a lady worn by a lady often meet close to our office to the "Biene Maja"-bike that's left outsitde the university.
Típico para los diseños de mi país Alpine patterns like edelweiss and marmots. And - a little less obvious yet at least equally important - soft Art Nouveau designs.
Además de los estampados diseño pretty much everything I consider worth to try. Tattoo designs, Birthday cards, paintings - there's not so much I haven't tried.
Estampado Vector 749Estampado Vector 2363Estampado Vector 770Estampado Vector 2364Estampado Vector 2361Estampado Vector 2352Estampado Vector 2459Estampado Vector 1196Estampado Vector 750Estampado Vector 1197Estampado Vector 1198Estampado Vector 1073Estampado Vector 783Estampado Vector 2462Estampado Vector 2461Estampado Vector 2458Estampado Vector 939Estampado Vector 2460Estampado Vector 986Estampado Vector 803Estampado Vector 4757Estampado Vector 4758Estampado Vector 4760Estampado Vector 2680Estampado Vector 988Estampado Vector 5124Estampado Vector 2389Estampado Vector 16179Estampado Vector 987Estampado Vector 2388Estampado Vector 748Estampado Vector 16365Estampado Vector 16269