Rebecca Wismeg

Rebecca Wismeg
原产地 德国
自成员 07 / 2012
关于我 I'm a rather freaky person. I studied German language and literature, although I could not leave pencil and paper untouched since I was a child. I love art and literature alike.
关于我的设计 ... often are created "by accident". I pick certain elements from drawings and sketches and create a pattern using them, I like to see how they look in a completely new setting.
我的灵感来源 Special places and people - from little Cafés in small towns to London's thriving Camden Town - from the bright orange fur coat a lady worn by a lady often meet close to our office to the "Biene Maja"-bike that's left outsitde the university.
Alpine patterns like edelweiss and marmots. And - a little less obvious yet at least equally important - soft Art Nouveau designs.
除了我设计的模式 pretty much everything I consider worth to try. Tattoo designs, Birthday cards, paintings - there's not so much I haven't tried.
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