Ljudmila Gluzdovskaja

Ljudmila Gluzdovskaja
Origen Rusia
Miembro desde 11 / 2015
Sobre mí am a self taught artist, freelance illustrator
Sobre mis diseños I love clear shapes and delicate colors
Mí fuente de inspiración nature, the world and books
Típico para los diseños de mi país I see a lot of beauty in my country and around the world and try to pass it through yourself and pass it in their works
Además de los estampados diseño I love constructive and design and freehand drawing
Estampado Vector 12796Estampado Vector 12138Estampado Vector 18122Estampado Vector 13293Estampado Vector 12681Estampado Vector 9979Estampado Vector 9743Estampado Vector 11743Estampado Vector 11575Estampado Vector 11780Estampado Vector 10005Estampado Vector 12185Estampado Vector 12600Estampado Vector 14929Estampado Vector 11182Estampado Vector 11421Estampado Vector 11174Estampado Vector 10187Estampado Vector 10849Estampado Vector 22132Estampado Vector 11460Estampado Vector 14609Estampado Vector 14530Estampado Vector 11169Estampado Vector 12300Estampado Vector 14343Estampado Vector 11565Estampado Vector 11892Estampado Vector 14341Estampado Vector 12793Estampado Vector 13381Estampado Vector 10397Estampado Vector 10631Estampado Vector 12867Estampado Vector 12973Estampado Vector 15739Estampado Vector 12318Estampado Vector 12589Estampado Vector 12145Estampado Vector 13480Estampado Vector 11519Estampado Vector 11250Estampado Vector 11690Estampado Vector 10642Estampado Vector 15213Estampado Vector 13106Estampado Vector 9962Estampado Vector 12218Estampado Vector 13102Estampado Vector 18766Estampado Vector 21230Estampado Vector 13041Estampado Vector 9888Estampado Vector 13978Estampado Vector 12143Estampado Vector 14055Estampado Vector 11708Estampado Vector 13842Estampado Vector 11306Estampado Vector 15560