Ljudmila Gluzdovskaja

Ljudmila Gluzdovskaja
Origin Russia
Member since 11 / 2015
About Me am a self taught artist, freelance illustrator
About My Designs I love clear shapes and delicate colors
My Source of Inspiration nature, the world and books
Typical for designs from
my country
I see a lot of beauty in my country and around the world and try to pass it through yourself and pass it in their works
Besides patterns I design I love constructive and design and freehand drawing
Clean Leaves Vector PatternTropical Plants Repeating PatternTropical Scene Repeating PatternSnow Time Repeating Pattern80s and 90s Pattern DesignPapercut Snowflake Seamless Vector PatternTraditional Mexican Repeat PatternMexican Style Pattern DesignTropical Leaf Jungle Design PatternThe Sea And I Vector PatternMarine Patchwork RepeatFancy Leaves Pattern DesignSnowflake Silhouettes Repeat PatternAfrican Style Repeating PatternDimensional Diamonds Seamless Vector PatternBirds Species Vector PatternWitching Hour Seamless PatternBlue Leaves Pattern DesignCute Alpacas Vector OrnamentPaisley Vision Pattern DesignEastern Folklore Repeat PatternFunny Cats Vector PatternViva Mexico Seamless Vector PatternSummer Meadow Pattern DesignCheckered Polygon Kaleidoscope Seamless PatternPolygon Kaleidoscope Pattern DesignChristmas Bakery Joy Design PatternDay At The Seaside Vector DesignWater Kaleidoscope Design PatternBotanical Palm Leaves Repeating PatternSpring Crocus Vector DesignTypical Mexican Seamless PatternMoving Lines  Vector OrnamentEaster Bunny And Flowering Willow Repeating PatternSummer Wild Flowers Seamless Vector PatternSucculent Plants Pattern DesignSnowflake Time Repeating PatternInhabitants Of The Forrest Vector OrnamentCarpet Of Leaves Seamless Vector PatternCute Lama And Cactus Seamless PatternMemphis Geometry Lesson Repeating PatternFabulous Firebird Pattern DesignConstruction Machine Seamless PatternSummer Currant Pattern DesignA Lil Bit Spring Pattern DesignAbstract Geometric Shapes Repeating PatternBerry Ice Cream Vector DesignPussy Willow Pattern DesignWild Raspberries Vector OrnamentEaster Bloom Repeating PatternModern Geometric Shapes Seamless PatternSnowman Wonderland Pattern DesignPoinsettia In Bloom RepeatSummer Meadow Impressions Design PatternFruits Of Mountain Ash Vector OrnamentSeaside Vector DesignScottish Feeling For Symmetry Vector DesignMy beloved Friends Repeat PatternGzhel Style Repeat PatternChristmas Bakery Pattern Design