Maja Tomazic

Maja Tomazic
Origen Eslovenia
Miembro desde 10 / 2012
Sobre mí Educated as a textile designer, started to design patterns for home textile (for kids too) and later on also for all kinds of graphics. Forever edicted to the design and colours … My e-mail:
Sobre mis diseños Mostly I try to do designs pure, simple and effective. Love to play with colours, positive & negative effects and organic lines. Creating patterns for kids is my special passion.
Mí fuente de inspiración I get my inspiration from everywhere … fashion, nature, exhibitions, places I travel and people I meet, …
Típico para los diseños de mi país Mostly floral designs, typical embroidery and lace
Además de los estampados diseño All kinds of graphic design: Corporate and Brand identities, logos, labels, packaging, catalogues and other promotional items. I also do book illustrations.
Estampado Vector 6264Estampado Vector 2270Estampado Vector 2548Estampado Vector 6256Estampado Vector 2304Estampado Vector 2244Estampado Vector 5914Estampado Vector 2572Estampado Vector 2812Estampado Vector 2489Estampado Vector 5918Estampado Vector 2488Estampado Vector 2813Estampado Vector 2248Estampado Vector 2485Estampado Vector 2256Estampado Vector 2371Estampado Vector 2491Estampado Vector 2274Estampado Vector 2570Estampado Vector 2498Estampado Vector 2547Estampado Vector 2303Estampado Vector 2374Estampado Vector 2307Estampado Vector 2305Estampado Vector 2272Estampado Vector 2375Estampado Vector 2306Estampado Vector 2308Estampado Vector 2936Estampado Vector 2499Estampado Vector 2560Estampado Vector 8396Estampado Vector 2909Estampado Vector 2529Estampado Vector 2343Estampado Vector 2476Estampado Vector 2571Estampado Vector 8208Estampado Vector 2372Estampado Vector 2345Estampado Vector 2368Estampado Vector 2490Estampado Vector 2250Estampado Vector 2470Estampado Vector 2342Estampado Vector 2497Estampado Vector 2473Estampado Vector 6176Estampado Vector 2468Estampado Vector 2475Estampado Vector 2335Estampado Vector 2483Estampado Vector 8395Estampado Vector 6233Estampado Vector 2251Estampado Vector 6234Estampado Vector 2376Estampado Vector 2269