Maja Tomazic

Maja Tomazic
Origin Slovenia
Member since 10 / 2012
About Me Educated as a textile designer, started to design patterns for home textile (for kids too) and later on also for all kinds of graphics. Forever edicted to the design and colours … My e-mail:
About My Designs Mostly I try to do designs pure, simple and effective. Love to play with colours, positive & negative effects and organic lines. Creating patterns for kids is my special passion.
My Source of Inspiration I get my inspiration from everywhere … fashion, nature, exhibitions, places I travel and people I meet, …
Typical for designs from
my country
Mostly floral designs, typical embroidery and lace
Besides patterns I design All kinds of graphic design: Corporate and Brand identities, logos, labels, packaging, catalogues and other promotional items. I also do book illustrations.
Orientalia Vector DesignThe Bird Queen Feast At Night Repeating PatternElegant Lace RepeatThe Bird Queen In Summer Pattern DesignIrana In The Ocean Repeating PatternWavelenght Red Vector OrnamentStripes In The Desert Sand RepeatBewildered Hearts Sand Pattern DesignGrandmas Hearts Pale Rose RepeatPaparock Brown Vector PatternBaby Timmys Teddy Bear Vector OrnamentBewildered Hearts Pattern DesignTiziano Violet Seamless Vector PatternWavelengths Grey Seamless PatternGipsy Heart White Vector DesignTiziano Color Design PatternPatchwork Pets Repeat PatternWaves And Twirls Pattern DesignRomantic Hearts RepeatTiziano Repeating PatternDeclaration Of Love Seamless PatternIrana In The Snow Vector DesignElegant Lace Pattern in Gold Repeat PatternIrana Petrol Repeat PatternCute Pet Babies Pattern DesignQueen Of Snow Repeat PatternPatchwork Pet Fun Design PatternIrana At Dawn Pattern DesignIrana In The Rose Garden RepeatHearty Red Seamless Vector PatternCherry Blossoms At Night Vector PatternCalm Wood Design PatternEastern Magic White Pattern DesignColorful Birdsong Pattern DesignLove Birds Design PatternSummer Garden Party Repeating PatternSamurai Vector OrnamentPet Babies RepeatTingle Tangle Violet Vector PatternGrandmas Hearts Pattern DesignSibiria Red Seamless Vector PatternAlhambra Petrol Seamless PatternRosis Mum Has Laundry Day Seamless Vector PatternPerhaps Violets Vector DesignCity Whisper In Black Repeat PatternSamurai Black And White Design PatternAlley Grey Repeat PatternLove Letter Vector OrnamentLace Romance Repeating PatternAlhambra White Pattern DesignAlley Brown Vector DesignAlhambra Black Vector OrnamentThe Bird Queen Of Night RepeatPerhaps Brown Pattern DesignWavelengths BW Vector OrnamentSea Of Clouds Vector PatternCherry Blossoms In The Wind Seamless Vector PatternCity Whisper In Blue RepeatPlayful Pet Babies Vector OrnamentTriton Grey Vector Pattern