Azat Ayupov

Azat Ayupov
Origen Rusia
Miembro desde 08 / 2016
Sobre mí I am an illustrator, and I am interested in the amazing and wonderful world of Islamic art. I love to make all kinds of patterns.
Sobre mis diseños My designs are based on traditional Islamic aesthetics. I am also trying to reproduce classic geometric designs in my works.
Mí fuente de inspiración Beautiful Islamic art, architecture and Islamic illumination
Típico para los diseños de mi país Plain and simple geometric designs and motifs.
Además de los estampados diseño Greeting cards, templates
Estampado Vector 12946Estampado Vector 13589Estampado Vector 13063Estampado Vector 14217Estampado Vector 13902Estampado Vector 14220Estampado Vector 13904Estampado Vector 12948Estampado Vector 14212Estampado Vector 13796Estampado Vector 13792Estampado Vector 12954Estampado Vector 12952Estampado Vector 14114Estampado Vector 14095Estampado Vector 14215Estampado Vector 13910Estampado Vector 12950Estampado Vector 13845Estampado Vector 14109Estampado Vector 14026Estampado Vector 13794Estampado Vector 13701Estampado Vector 13907Estampado Vector 14225Estampado Vector 13068Estampado Vector 14222Estampado Vector 13817Estampado Vector 13856Estampado Vector 13847Estampado Vector 14111Estampado Vector 12953Estampado Vector 13839Estampado Vector 13841Estampado Vector 14218Estampado Vector 13905Estampado Vector 14116Estampado Vector 13758Estampado Vector 14224Estampado Vector 13846Estampado Vector 13803Estampado Vector 13859Estampado Vector 12947Estampado Vector 13687Estampado Vector 13588Estampado Vector 14211Estampado Vector 13148Estampado Vector 13840Estampado Vector 13698Estampado Vector 13843Estampado Vector 13901Estampado Vector 12945Estampado Vector 14113Estampado Vector 13760Estampado Vector 14110Estampado Vector 12892Estampado Vector 14219Estampado Vector 13776Estampado Vector 22747Estampado Vector 13838