Azat Ayupov

Azat Ayupov
Origin Russia
Member since 08 / 2016
About Me I am an illustrator, and I am interested in the amazing and wonderful world of Islamic art. I love to make all kinds of patterns.
About My Designs My designs are based on traditional Islamic aesthetics. I am also trying to reproduce classic geometric designs in my works.
My Source of Inspiration Beautiful Islamic art, architecture and Islamic illumination
Typical for designs from
my country
Plain and simple geometric designs and motifs.
Besides patterns I design Greeting cards, templates
Marrakech Design PatternOriental Stars Vector DesignMoroccan Tile Repeat PatternGeometric Arabesque Repeating PatternMedieval Flower Pattern DesignMedieval Arabesque Vector OrnamentRiad Splendor Seamless PatternClassy Arabesque Pattern DesignMoroccan Star Lattice Seamless Vector PatternMoroccan Art Vector OrnamentArab Weave Pattern DesignFlowers Of Koran RepeatMoroccan Hammam Repeating PatternIslamic Mosaic Vector DesignMoorish Beauty Seamless PatternContemporary Morocco Vector PatternMoorish Mosaic Repeat PatternRiad Of Your Dreams RepeatFloral Persian Splendor Seamless Vector PatternThe Center Of Earth Repeat PatternMedieval Art Vector PatternAncient Marquetry RepeatMagnificent Mosaic Design PatternOriental Ceiling Painting Seamless PatternMoorish Connections Vector PatternOttoman Palace Vector OrnamentArabic Star Vector OrnamentMorocco Mosaic Seamless PatternMedieval Inlays Design PatternAncient Art Pattern DesignArabic Riad Repeat PatternGothic Tendrillars Pattern DesignMedieval Splendor RepeatMedieval Time Travel Repeat PatternMandala Mosaic Pattern DesignOriental Connections Seamless PatternCircle Lattice Pattern DesignKilim Geometry Vector PatternAncient Arabesque Pattern DesignInterlocking Stars Seamless PatternFes Vector OrnamentOriental Star Mosaic Vector PatternMosaic Jungel Vector PatternAncient Morocco Design PatternStars In Lines Vector PatternInterlocking Star Seamless Pattern1000 Stars Vector PatternMiddle Eastern Beauty Repeating PatternAbadan Pattern DesignNow I See You Design PatternArabic Tile Vector PatternRiad Mosaic Vector DesignA Riad In Marrakech Seamless Vector PatternMoroccan Lattice Pattern DesignMorocco Geometry Vector OrnamentMoroccan Complex RepeatMoorish Fez Pattern DesignSixteenth Century Arabesque Repeat PatternIslamic Flower Vector OrnamentMoroccan Palace Vector Ornament