Marina Baranova

Marina Baranova
Origen Rusia
Miembro desde 04 / 2018
Sobre mí Graphic artist, pattern maker and nature lover AKNIRAMB
Sobre mis diseños Most of my works have floral designs, to one degree or another - I like to create simple, light and sonorous patterns, but sometimes I create complex flower shapes.
Mí fuente de inspiración all that surrounds me - if you look closely at each object that nature has created, you can see the motive for the future pattern, but I like to use floral motifs more in my works
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño My second passion in life, after the patterns, is bags from different fabrics, and not so long ago I began to develop my collection of bags.
Estampado Vector 22087Estampado Vector 22089Estampado Vector 21885Estampado Vector 21581Estampado Vector 22497Estampado Vector 25941Estampado Vector 21883Estampado Vector 22090Estampado Vector 22074Estampado Vector 21271Estampado Vector 22073Estampado Vector 22078Estampado Vector 22076Estampado Vector 22091Estampado Vector 22070Estampado Vector 22072Estampado Vector 22077Estampado Vector 22069Estampado Vector 21324Estampado Vector 22068Estampado Vector 22071Estampado Vector 21273Estampado Vector 22693Estampado Vector 24901Estampado Vector 25945Estampado Vector 25938Estampado Vector 26561Estampado Vector 22703Estampado Vector 23565Estampado Vector 21573Estampado Vector 24006Estampado Vector 26582Estampado Vector 24903Estampado Vector 22075Estampado Vector 21371Estampado Vector 23428Estampado Vector 22889Estampado Vector 24861Estampado Vector 21896Estampado Vector 23995Estampado Vector 24480Estampado Vector 25939Estampado Vector 24610Estampado Vector 24053Estampado Vector 25943Estampado Vector 24458Estampado Vector 25993Estampado Vector 26594Estampado Vector 24902Estampado Vector 21886Estampado Vector 21101Estampado Vector 24749Estampado Vector 24037Estampado Vector 21460Estampado Vector 21270Estampado Vector 25942Estampado Vector 21158Estampado Vector 23545Estampado Vector 24021Estampado Vector 25935