Marina Baranova

Marina Baranova
Origin Russia
Member since 04 / 2018
About Me Graphic artist, pattern maker and nature lover AKNIRAMB
About My Designs Most of my works have floral designs, to one degree or another - I like to create simple, light and sonorous patterns, but sometimes I create complex flower shapes.
My Source of Inspiration all that surrounds me - if you look closely at each object that nature has created, you can see the motive for the future pattern, but I like to use floral motifs more in my works
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design My second passion in life, after the patterns, is bags from different fabrics, and not so long ago I began to develop my collection of bags.
Sunny Peonies Design PatternTrefoil Night Field Repeat PatternWinter Peonies Seamless PatternSummer Field Vector DesignHandpicked Clematis Pattern DesignElegant Poppy Field Design PatternCornflower Field Seamless Vector PatternBright Peonies Seamless Vector PatternScattered Spring Field Pattern DesignSummer Shine Field Seamless PatternElegant Peonies Vector PatternSummer Field RepeatMushroom Vector PatternFresh Spring Bloom Design PatternWinter Field Vector DesignFantasy Floral Field Repeat PatternBlooming Spring Field Vector OrnamentElegant Spring Vector PatternIt Is Raining Tulips Repeat PatternShiny Spring Seamless Vector PatternCornflowers Dream Vector OrnamentSpring Field In Fog Repeating PatternDelicate Tree Flowers Design PatternMorning Dreams Repeat PatternSnowy Poppy Seamless Vector PatternElegant Peonie Pattern DesignField Of Cornflower Design PatternLemon And Foliage RepeatLemon Garden Vector OrnamentFantasy Harvest Field Pattern DesignPoppy Vector PatternSketched Birds Pattern DesignArt Deco Foliage Vector DesignHiding Birds Pattern DesignMarvelous Garden RepeatSplendid Peonies Seamless PatternDaisies And Tulips Repeat PatternScandi Pomegranate Vector DesignBlooming Peonies Design PatternArabic Rose RepeatDaisies And Tulips At Night Vector DesignAfrican Abstract RepeatField Of Hosta Flower Pattern DesignBird Outlook Design PatternRomantic Garden Repeating PatternOriental Tale Seamless PatternArt Deco Leaves Pattern DesignEvening Garden Repeating PatternOriental Tales Vector OrnamentClematis Dreams Vector PatternTulips In Rows Repeating PatternRomantic Pomegranate Seamless Vector PatternWithering Leaves RepeatDay Tansy Pattern DesignSyringa Bloom Design PatternPeony Picking Vector PatternFloral Night Dreams RepeatAbstract Meadow Repeating PatternApple Blossoms Repeating PatternCircle Shape Seamless Vector Pattern