Viktoryia Yakubouskaya

Viktoryia Yakubouskaya
Origen Bielorrusia
Miembro desde 10 / 2011
Sobre mí I'm an illustrator, drawing since childhood, but really creative felt when became a freelancer. Do not hesitate to contact me -
Sobre mis diseños My favorite motif - floral pattern in classic style. But I love to experiment with different styles and different color schemes.
Mí fuente de inspiración I live by the river and the view from the window is a source of inspiration for all seasons.
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño Art prints, pillows, tote bags, greeting cards and adult coloring.
Estampado Vector 3234Estampado Vector 9428Estampado Vector 1925Estampado Vector 2065Estampado Vector 5152Estampado Vector 2837Estampado Vector 6290Estampado Vector 1134Estampado Vector 5358Estampado Vector 1091Estampado Vector 3055Estampado Vector 1379Estampado Vector 2841Estampado Vector 1135Estampado Vector 2071Estampado Vector 3460Estampado Vector 1378Estampado Vector 5151Estampado Vector 1041Estampado Vector 1475Estampado Vector 2647Estampado Vector 1109Estampado Vector 1526Estampado Vector 2018Estampado Vector 1474Estampado Vector 1029Estampado Vector 1473Estampado Vector 1679Estampado Vector 1236Estampado Vector 1249Estampado Vector 1244Estampado Vector 1133Estampado Vector 1477Estampado Vector 2531Estampado Vector 5249Estampado Vector 1810Estampado Vector 1032Estampado Vector 3295Estampado Vector 1520Estampado Vector 2478Estampado Vector 1523Estampado Vector 2810Estampado Vector 1469Estampado Vector 1676Estampado Vector 1303Estampado Vector 2692Estampado Vector 10116Estampado Vector 1466Estampado Vector 2693Estampado Vector 3485Estampado Vector 1217Estampado Vector 1111Estampado Vector 1038Estampado Vector 3468Estampado Vector 1175Estampado Vector 3484Estampado Vector 2202Estampado Vector 3405Estampado Vector 2493Estampado Vector 2494