Viktoryia Yakubouskaya

Viktoryia Yakubouskaya
Origin Belarus
Member since 10 / 2011
About Me I'm an illustrator, drawing since childhood, but really creative felt when became a freelancer. Do not hesitate to contact me -
About My Designs My favorite motif - floral pattern in classic style. But I love to experiment with different styles and different color schemes.
My Source of Inspiration I live by the river and the view from the window is a source of inspiration for all seasons.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Art prints, pillows, tote bags, greeting cards and adult coloring.
Exquisa Vector OrnamentPolkadots Mint Vector OrnamentStriped Ethno Seamless PatternQuartered Circles  Vector PatternRose Red And Heavenly Blue Pattern DesignFlorali Vector DesignArt Rose Blue Design PatternMadame De Winter Pattern DesignBaroque Bloom Vector DesignAunt Toris Kitchen Pattern DesignCaramel Honey Vector PatternSecession Grey Pattern DesignVintage Flowers Pink Seamless PatternFly Away My Balloon Seamless PatternRosa Graphia Vector PatternVintage Flowers Seamless Vector PatternEndless Peony Pattern DesignBouquet Of Peonies Seamless Vector PatternHeavenly Childrens World RepeatSketchboard Retro RepeatLily Aquamarine Vector OrnamentRose Memory Seamless PatternLilly White Seamless PatternSpeach Bubbles On Paper Repeat PatternDelicate Pop Baroque Repeating PatternLily Beige Design PatternGood Oldies Repeating PatternSeashells Sand Pattern DesignBaroque Bloom Red Vector PatternHolly Christmas Repeat PatternDisco Queen Repeat PatternIvy in Delicate Pink Pattern DesignCinderella Silver Repeat PatternCanopy Of Leaves Vector DesignFassetto Vector PatternFilippas Dream Repeat PatternArs Chocolat Caramel Vector PatternHens Party Seamless PatternAmphora Mio RepeatRosalinda Repeating PatternParty Balloons Seamless Vector PatternGarden Romance Vector OrnamentShellfish Yellow Pattern DesignCoal Dots RepeatPop Baroque Seamless Vector PatternRose Blossoms Stylized Repeat PatternCute Flowers  Pattern DesignBleaky Honey Seamless Vector PatternSleeping Beauties Mint Repeating PatternTiffanys Table Repeat PatternPalace Of Winds Pattern DesignGolden Times Vector OrnamentIvy Tendrillars White Seamless Vector PatternBird Fantasy Vector OrnamentMy Childhood Garden Repeating PatternFeathers Handdrawn Repeating PatternSlip Knots Vector PatternBouquet Outlines RepeatDiscomania Pastel Pattern DesignBabies Outfit Blue Vector Design