Aman Mughal

Aman Mughal
오리진 파키스탄
회원 이후 03 / 2018
나에 대해 What can I say about me well lets start off with my name is Aman Mughal and I am a fashion and textiles designer and specialise in print. I love what I do and designing is my passion and feel it is what I should be doing. I am a fun and quirky person and like to enjoy. I have been designing since I was small and do have a style when it comes to designing its all about colours and texture for me personally and love bringing my prints alive. I do a bit of everything from womenswear to photography. I am not one trick pony and do a bit of everything and like using different aspects of media.
내 디자인 정보 I love to design with interesting and unusual and trendy color combinations and patterns
나의 영감의 원천 Vintage Clothes and Antiques, Nature, Fashion Trends

우리 나라의 디자인에 대한 일반적인
Geometric ornaments
패턴 외에도 디자인 screen print . velvet print . digital print.