Aman Mughal

Aman Mughal
原产地 巴基斯坦
自成员 03 / 2018
关于我 What can I say about me well lets start off with my name is Aman Mughal and I am a fashion and textiles designer and specialise in print. I love what I do and designing is my passion and feel it is what I should be doing. I am a fun and quirky person and like to enjoy. I have been designing since I was small and do have a style when it comes to designing its all about colours and texture for me personally and love bringing my prints alive. I do a bit of everything from womenswear to photography. I am not one trick pony and do a bit of everything and like using different aspects of media.
关于我的设计 I love to design with interesting and unusual and trendy color combinations and patterns
我的灵感来源 Vintage Clothes and Antiques, Nature, Fashion Trends
Geometric ornaments
除了我设计的模式 screen print . velvet print . digital print.
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