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What is a (pattern) repeat?

The repeat of a pattern is the smallest element of a seamless pattern. We encounter repeats on clothing, home textiles (e.g. wallpaper), wrapping paper and much more.

What is a vector graphic?

Vector graphics are computer graphics that are defined in terms of points, which are connected by lines and curves. Vector designs have the unique advantage over raster graphics in that the points, lines and curves may be scaled up or down to any resolution without any loss in quality. Moreover, a vector design requires less storage space compared to e.g. a raster graphic. The seamless vector designs at Pattern Design are all set up in SVG format (Scalable Vector Graphics).

What means scaleable?

Scaleable = sizable. Within image processing scaling enables to enlarge or minimize vector graphics and drawing parts.

What is the difference between the file format .svg and the file format .psd (Photoshop)?

The SVG format provides unlimited possibilities in recoloring, the extraction of single ornaments/elements and resizing. Unlike to PSD format where this possibilities are either achievable at a great expense of time or simply not possible. e.g. resizing. The size of a vector design in SVG format can be downsized to 5 % or upsized by 700 % without any loss in quality. All ornaments/elements in a vector graphic can be extracted by a single mouse click and used as proper ornament/element or inserted in another vector graphic. Colours can be changed both quickly and easily in order to meet any colour trends.

How big is a Vector Design regarding the file size?

A vector design is on average about 1.5 MB, depending on the complexity of the pattern design.

What/who is Pattern Design?

The people behind Pattern Design have developed a platform to offer the largest variety of curated vector designs. On one hand, designers are helped to sell their seamless vector designs, and on the other hand, the demand for vector designs by companies and individuals shall be optimally supplied.

Where from does Pattern Design receive the vector designs?

The vector designs are from designers all over the world. Each vector design has to pass a quality control at Pattern Design before a vector design will be offered. The quality criteria meet the standards of the printing industry.

Why should I buy vector designs from Pattern Design?

Pattern Design is the specialist für seamless vector designs and ensures a flawless use of each design for printing on different substrates.

How to contact us for help?

There are 3 options to contact Pattern Design: ◦ on the landing page: just hit the orange button ‚Contact us‘ ◦ Telefon: +43 699 197 85 410 ◦ Email: info@patterndesigns.com

How can I search for a specific vector design?

There are two options for a fast and effective search: Keyword search: You describe your motif (e.g. „Floral“) by inserting a keyword in the search box and further specify it by using further parameter (e.g. number of colors) within the filter. Gallery search: The topnavi on the landing page provides various galleries in which the vector patterns are curated.

Can I buy products with the vector designs from Pattern Design at Pattern Design?

Pattern Design only offers the vector patterns as a file. Within the area ‚Partnershops‘ you can buy products with our designs.

Whatfor can I use the vector designs from Pattern Design?

Actually, for all surfaces which are to be embellished with pattern designs. Vector designs in particular are ideal for large areas, as these can be scaled (enlarged) without loss in quality.

Which license type shall I choose when I use the vector designs for my products (which I sell)?

The license type ‚Vector Unlimited‘ is necessary because it covers the usage rights for commercial use.

How can I pay for the vector designs?

We offer the most common payment methods. Apart from that, you can also pay on account (minimum sales). Those who upload credit in advance can secure an attractive volume discount.

As soon as I have purchased a vector design, in which file formats can I download my purchased design?

This depends on the license type which you have purchased.

Can I change the color of a vector design before I purchase the design?

Sure, the colors of a vector design can be recolored before purchasing. With the application images you can already be inspired such as a recolored design looks like on e.g. a bedding or pillow.

How do I get the Pantone number for a purchased vector design?

The Pantone No. can be found out using the Pantone color finder. Just go to https://www.pantone.com/color-finder. There you can enter the HEX code, the RGB values or the CMYK values and then you get the Pantone No.. The values just mentioned are available on the sample detail page in the dyeing tool.

Does Pattern Design provide an interface which enables to integrate the vector designs in an existing online shop?

Yes, Pattern Design offers an interface (Pattern Design API) with which the designs can be integrated into an online shop. Here (Link setzen) you get further information about the Pattern Design API.

Are their any discounts available for bigger orders?

Yes, we offer special prices for topping up credit. Further information can be found in the ‚Pricing‘ section on the landing page.