Sabine Reinhart

Sabine Reinhart
Происхождение Германия
Участник с 02 / 2012
О мне After my graduation I worked as an art director in Germany and Switzerland, designing and realizing internet and brand presences. Since fulfilling my dream and becoming freelance I have worked on many commissioned projects designing for interior, textiles, greeting card and gift wrap industries.
О моих дизайнах With a passion for intricate floral designs I enjoy using a combination of pattern and illustration in my work, utilizing both traditional and digital techniques.
Мой источник вдохновения I find much of my inspiration in nature, and from art and textiles from around the world.
Типичный для дизайна из
моей страны
My designs and deliveries are always on time :)
Кроме шаблонов, которые я разрабатываю I try to be creative in everything I do. When it comes to cooking the results are worse.