Sabine Reinhart

Sabine Reinhart
Origin Germany
Member since 02 / 2012
About Me After my graduation I worked as an art director in Germany and Switzerland, designing and realizing internet and brand presences. Since fulfilling my dream and becoming freelance I have worked on many commissioned projects designing for interior, textiles, greeting card and gift wrap industries.
About My Designs With a passion for intricate floral designs I enjoy using a combination of pattern and illustration in my work, utilizing both traditional and digital techniques.
My Source of Inspiration I find much of my inspiration in nature, and from art and textiles from around the world.
Typical for designs from
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My designs and deliveries are always on time :)
Besides patterns I design I try to be creative in everything I do. When it comes to cooking the results are worse.
Flowers Say Adieu Pattern DesignAra Tropical Vector PatternFlowers All Over Vector DesignLate Summer Flower Romance Pattern DesignHummingbirds Taste Hibiscus Pattern DesignGarden Of Delight Vector OrnamentMagic Spell Of Crystal Flowers Seamless PatternPrecious Flower Dream Vector OrnamentA Whisper Repeat PatternFirst Sunray Repeating PatternHummingbird Marriage On Hibiscus Vector DesignBlossom Rain On The Veranda Repeating PatternIsle Of The Paradise Birds Vector PatternMagic Garden Pattern DesignFloral Happiness Unlimited Design PatternWhen Maves Dream Design PatternWhat Flowers Promise Pattern DesignBeauty Of The Primels Vector OrnamentGolden Blossoms On The Veranda RepeatFlowers Far Far Away Pattern DesignRuby Hibiscus RepeatOnly Flowers Love Unconditionally Repeating Pattern