Bianca Oliari

Bianca Oliari
Ursprung Italien
Medlem sedan 11 / 2021
Om mig Print designer, Brazilian currently living in Italy, I work with the development of rotating prints for the textile market, also prospecting for the stationery and home decor market. I have experience in the fine arts area for over 20 years and the textile industry for 10 years.
Om My Designs I like to work with watercolors, charcoal, abstracts and geometrics. I mix the traditional way of drawing and painting with the technological one.
Min inspirationskälla My source of inspiration is art, nature and fashion.
Typiskt för mönster från
mitt land
In my home country, the most common pattern is floral, with vibrant colors and also abstract.
Förutom mönster designar jag In addition to the patterns, I make local prints, I like to draw faces, flowers and abstracts.