Elly Cooke

Elly Cooke
原产地 UK
自成员 02 / 2020
关于我 Hello and welcome to Elly Ren Designs. I'm a freelance surface pattern designer based in Bristol. I produce bold, colourful, abstract, geometric, floral and conversational patterns for the fashion and homeware markets and I especially enjoy working with trends. ​ I’m available for licensing and freelance opportunities from my studio in Bristol UK.
关于我的设计 I describe my designs as retro-funky-futeristic and I use floral motifs combined with graphic shapes.
我的灵感来源 Photographs from nature and posters from the 80's.
Bristol was recently voted the most artistic city in the UK!
除了我设计的模式 Fine art paintings and performance art.
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