Irina Arnautu

Irina Arnautu
Herkunft Rumänien
Mitglied seit 08 / 2012
Über mich In my circle I am perceived often either as a designer among engineers or as an engineer among designers, depending on group. I made my first patterns at the High School of Art, but later these were refined in patterns for textile surfaces at the Technical University of Iasi.
Über meine Designs The textile engineering taught me to consider the principle "less is more" seriously. I try to apply it in my pattern designs whatever their source of inspiration or destination.
Was mich inspiriert The unique cultural heritage of Romania and its rich natural diversity are for me an inexhaustible treasure of documentation.
Typisch für Designs aus meinem Land The polychrome pottery of the Cucuteni culture, The traditional ornaments from various ethnographic regions of Romania
Neben Mustern gestalte ich Raster and Vector Patterns, Jacquard Woven Fabric Design (Arahne CAD/CAM), Print Design
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