Irina Arnautu

Irina Arnautu
Origin Romania
Member since 08 / 2012
About Me I drew my first seamless patterns at the High School of Art, but at the Technical University of Iasi I learned how to shape my pattern ideas as a textile engineer. I enjoy to teach my students about woven fabric design, dobby and jacquard, in Arahne.
About My Designs The textile engineering taught me to consider the principle "less is more" seriously. I try to apply it in my seamless patterns whatever their source of inspiration or destination.
My Source of Inspiration What is specific as "Romanian soul" in ornamentation, and a wide variety of decorative styles and motifs.
Typical for designs from
my country
The polychrome pottery of the Cucuteni culture and the Romanian folk motifs on antique textiles.
Besides patterns I design I live in harmony with the truth.
Jacquard Renaissance Pattern DesignJacquard Renaissance Chocolat Vector DesignLeaves Silhouettes Vector DesignSun Square Seamless PatternBoomerang Blue Repeat PatternUne Chanson En Rose Pattern DesignIllumiflor Mild Vector OrnamentGolden Leaves Sunset Seamless PatternPhilanderer Seamless PatternGolden Leaves Evening Vector OrnamentFloral Glory Blue Seamless PatternAnitas Ethno Rooster Pattern DesignEndless Leaves Seamless Vector PatternMaze Brown Design PatternFloral Glory Pink Vector OrnamentLeaves Silhouettes Black Repeating PatternLes Oiseaux Du Jardin Seamless Vector PatternLady Shoe Blue Seamless Vector PatternGarden Of Pan Autumn Pattern DesignSolar Rooster Dance Design PatternCrystal Night Blue Vector OrnamentRed Cucuteni Vector OrnamentGolden Leaves Morning Glory Design PatternLeaves And Buds Design PatternBoomerang Red Vector DesignCucuteni Spirals Grey Seamless Vector PatternLady Shoes Pastel Vector OrnamentLadiesslippers Vector PatternIllumiflor Design PatternCatherine White Vector DesignPop Art Renaissance Vector PatternArtemento Repeat PatternLady Shoes Pop Design PatternSpiky Blue Seamless Vector PatternAutumn Bells Repeating PatternRed Arrows RepeatColorful Cucuteni Design PatternLady Shoes Brown Seamless PatternWhitsun Flowers Pattern DesignFolk Stripes Vector DesignBoomerang White Repeating PatternGarden Of Pan Summer Pattern DesignP O P Vector PatternSpiky Brown Vector PatternCucuteni Spirals Orange Vector PatternEastern Flower Fantasy Vector OrnamentOrange Arrows Pattern DesignFairy Wood At Night Vector DesignMirrored Spikes Lilaq Repeating PatternInflorescence Design PatternDeco Triangles Vector OrnamentMaze Blue Seamless Vector PatternFlower Symphony Pattern DesignTwilight Flight Red Repeating PatternMeadow In Lilac Seamless PatternVintage Floral Seamless PatternSpiky Red Seamless PatternCatherine Red Repeating PatternMaze Rusty Seamless PatternThe Impressive Garden Repeating Pattern