Irina Arnautu

Irina Arnautu
Origen Rumanía
Miembro desde 08 / 2012
Sobre mí I drew my first seamless patterns at the High School of Art, but at the Technical University of Iasi I learned how to shape my pattern ideas as a textile engineer. I enjoy to teach my students about woven fabric design, dobby and jacquard, in Arahne.
Sobre mis diseños The textile engineering taught me to consider the principle "less is more" seriously. I try to apply it in my seamless patterns whatever their source of inspiration or destination.
Mí fuente de inspiración What is specific as "Romanian soul" in ornamentation, and a wide variety of decorative styles and motifs.
Típico para los diseños de mi país The polychrome pottery of the Cucuteni culture and the Romanian folk motifs on antique textiles.
Además de los estampados diseño I live in harmony with the truth.
Estampado Vector 7818Estampado Vector 7891Estampado Vector 2094Estampado Vector 5673Estampado Vector 3774Estampado Vector 2646Estampado Vector 2079Estampado Vector 2564Estampado Vector 2563Estampado Vector 2938Estampado Vector 4706Estampado Vector 2095Estampado Vector 2939Estampado Vector 2883Estampado Vector 2882Estampado Vector 2331Estampado Vector 4688Estampado Vector 2037Estampado Vector 2211Estampado Vector 4707Estampado Vector 2935Estampado Vector 2607Estampado Vector 2562Estampado Vector 2644Estampado Vector 2012Estampado Vector 2035Estampado Vector 2180Estampado Vector 2038Estampado Vector 2589Estampado Vector 6328Estampado Vector 2078Estampado Vector 2034Estampado Vector 2239Estampado Vector 2642Estampado Vector 3514Estampado Vector 2339Estampado Vector 3777Estampado Vector 2210Estampado Vector 2036Estampado Vector 2645Estampado Vector 2912Estampado Vector 6069Estampado Vector 2392Estampado Vector 3380Estampado Vector 3498Estampado Vector 2039Estampado Vector 2643Estampado Vector 2181Estampado Vector 2340Estampado Vector 3937Estampado Vector 6465Estampado Vector 3916Estampado Vector 2334Estampado Vector 10044Estampado Vector 2546Estampado Vector 2014Estampado Vector 2641Estampado Vector 2590Estampado Vector 2333Estampado Vector 7760