Kerstin Nolte

Kerstin Nolte
Origen Alemania
Miembro desde 01 / 2013
Sobre mí Since 1995 I am a product designer in Hamburg freelancing for companies in the consumer products. I design for the following industries: Table top, lifestyle, writing instruments, automotive, stationery and interior.
Sobre mis diseños What makes my design style so fascinating is its ability to create a timeless aesthetic which enables the products to survive for more than just a season. My sensitivity to new trends and convenience is finely-honed and I repeatedly suceed in combining both these aspects in my work.
Mí fuente de inspiración Structures, textures, nature, modular systems, scandinavian design, light effects, fashion, art and music.
Típico para los diseños de mi país Germany stands for quality design with a strong technical reference. This is what brands such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, WMF JAB Anstoetz or Wilkhahn.
Además de los estampados diseño I design objects which people like to touch and use. I specialise in designing cutlery, jewelry and stationery. My aim is to ensure that the philosophy of my clients is reflected in the new products.
Estampado Vector 9008Estampado Vector 3344Estampado Vector 8899Estampado Vector 8904Estampado Vector 4575Estampado Vector 3512Estampado Vector 3341Estampado Vector 3553Estampado Vector 4570Estampado Vector 11092Estampado Vector 3346Estampado Vector 3606Estampado Vector 12267Estampado Vector 3342Estampado Vector 3615Estampado Vector 4460Estampado Vector 3343Estampado Vector 8881Estampado Vector 4437Estampado Vector 3578Estampado Vector 3304Estampado Vector 3364Estampado Vector 3363Estampado Vector 3236Estampado Vector 3350Estampado Vector 4451Estampado Vector 3076Estampado Vector 8882Estampado Vector 3087Estampado Vector 3303Estampado Vector 2964Estampado Vector 3574Estampado Vector 4436Estampado Vector 3247Estampado Vector 3310Estampado Vector 3361Estampado Vector 3353Estampado Vector 2965Estampado Vector 3249Estampado Vector 3290Estampado Vector 3036Estampado Vector 11871Estampado Vector 4421Estampado Vector 2966Estampado Vector 4459Estampado Vector 3248Estampado Vector 3088Estampado Vector 3110Estampado Vector 3331Estampado Vector 3332Estampado Vector 3605Estampado Vector 3305Estampado Vector 3330Estampado Vector 10829Estampado Vector 3129Estampado Vector 4445Estampado Vector 3115Estampado Vector 4475Estampado Vector 3208Estampado Vector 4432