Kerstin Nolte

Kerstin Nolte
原产地 德国
自成员 01 / 2013
关于我 Since 1995 I am a product designer in Hamburg freelancing for companies in the consumer products. I design for the following industries: Table top, lifestyle, writing instruments, automotive, stationery and interior.
关于我的设计 What makes my design style so fascinating is its ability to create a timeless aesthetic which enables the products to survive for more than just a season. My sensitivity to new trends and convenience is finely-honed and I repeatedly succeed in combining both of these aspects in my work.
我的灵感来源 Structures, textures, nature, modular systems, scandinavian design, light effects, fashion, art and music.
Germany stands for quality design with a strong technical reference. This is what brands such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, WMF, JAB Anstoetz or Wilkhahn stand for.
除了我设计的模式 I design objects which people like to touch and use. I specialise in designing cutlery, jewelry and stationery. My aim is to ensure that the philosophy of my clients is reflected in the new products.
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