Kerstin Nolte

Kerstin Nolte
Origin Germany
Member since 01 / 2013
About Me Since 1995 I am a product designer in Hamburg freelancing for companies in the consumer products. I design for the following industries: Table top, lifestyle, writing instruments, automotive, stationery and interior.
About My Designs What makes my design style so fascinating is its ability to create a timeless aesthetic which enables the products to survive for more than just a season. My sensitivity to new trends and convenience is finely-honed and I repeatedly suceed in combining both these aspects in my work.
My Source of Inspiration Structures, textures, nature, modular systems, scandinavian design, light effects, fashion, art and music.
Typical for designs from
my country
Germany stands for quality design with a strong technical reference. This is what brands such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, WMF JAB Anstoetz or Wilkhahn.
Besides patterns I design I design objects which people like to touch and use. I specialise in designing cutlery, jewelry and stationery. My aim is to ensure that the philosophy of my clients is reflected in the new products.
Fishing Net Design PatternMorocco Red Vector OrnamentChain Vector OrnamentMosaic Glass Tiles Repeating PatternBirchbark Vector PatternFirmament Design PatternSnow In Smaland Repeating PatternTextus Red Vector OrnamentMarocco Gold Seamless Vector PatternGoose Blue Pattern DesignMetal Grid Vector DesignMorocco Color Pattern DesignVioletta Seamless Vector PatternMorocco Brown Pattern DesignCrystal Collectors RepeatStella Black Repeat PatternSoft Drops Powder Vector PatternHoneycomb Effects Vector DesignMorocco Teal Design PatternRosabella Green Vector DesignFlying Goose Pastel RepeatPolyps Blue Design PatternDimensions On Ice Repeating PatternMaroc Yellow RepeatVioletta Blue Seamless Vector PatternBamboo Yellow RepeatEtoiles Du Vert Pattern DesignStained Glass Grid Repeating PatternManhattan Transfer Day Repeating PatternPuggy Pop Lime Vector DesignRosabella Beige Vector PatternPencil Case Vintage Design PatternDachshund Petrol Vector PatternEtoiles De La Nuit Pattern DesignTribute to MC Escher Seamless Vector PatternManhattan Transfer Grey Repeat PatternElbphilharmonie Seamless Vector PatternVioletta Yellow Vector DesignEtoiles De Gaudy Repeat PatternPuggy Pop Pastel Design PatternScale Skin Black Vector OrnamentStella Silver Pattern DesignMaroc Blue Pattern DesignManhattan Transfer Night RepeatDimensions Of The Sun Stones Vector DesignVioletta Grey Vector PatternBuddy Orange Seamless PatternWave Nero Pattern DesignFlying Goose Outline Pattern DesignDachshund Black And White Design PatternDotty Pastel Seamless Vector PatternHappy Birthday Red Design PatternHappy Birthday Blues Pattern DesignTeal Diamond Repeating PatternLight Of Roses Pattern DesignMaroc Charcoal Design PatternFlying Goose In The Sun Vector PatternStarlight Express Beige RepeatSunny Net Repeating PatternStarlight Express Green Repeating Pattern