Tanja Fischer

Tanja Fischer
Origen Alemania
Miembro desde 03 / 2014
Sobre mí I am a visual person. I like to play and enjoy colors and shapes.
Sobre mis diseños experimental, geometric, colorful, algorithmic, SUDOKU, puzzles, psychedelic, Eulatik, mathematical
Mí fuente de inspiración I have a weakness for SUDOKU. At some point I started to replace the numbers with colors and simple geometric shapes which are often inspired by nature and everyday life. I am fascinated by the resulting patterns. I have chosen the term Eulatik for my approach to pattern making, since mathematician Euler has invented a forerunner of SUDOKU.
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño a new life for myself after quitting my job in semiconductor production
Estampado Vector 5711Estampado Vector 5702Estampado Vector 5899Estampado Vector 5252Estampado Vector 5829Estampado Vector 5385Estampado Vector 5685Estampado Vector 5264Estampado Vector 5392Estampado Vector 5656Estampado Vector 5574Estampado Vector 5482Estampado Vector 5684Estampado Vector 7456Estampado Vector 5293Estampado Vector 5761Estampado Vector 5589Estampado Vector 5704Estampado Vector 5263Estampado Vector 5265Estampado Vector 5612Estampado Vector 5391Estampado Vector 5491Estampado Vector 5314Estampado Vector 5630Estampado Vector 5669Estampado Vector 5464Estampado Vector 5549Estampado Vector 5463Estampado Vector 5313Estampado Vector 5588Estampado Vector 5301Estampado Vector 5771Estampado Vector 5306Estampado Vector 5308Estampado Vector 5569Estampado Vector 5309Estampado Vector 7391Estampado Vector 15312Estampado Vector 5719Estampado Vector 5317Estampado Vector 5721Estampado Vector 5618Estampado Vector 7904Estampado Vector 7437Estampado Vector 5971Estampado Vector 5307Estampado Vector 5758Estampado Vector 15325Estampado Vector 5490Estampado Vector 19682Estampado Vector 15104Estampado Vector 15326Estampado Vector 19375