Tanja Fischer

Tanja Fischer
Origin Germany
Member since 03 / 2014
About Me I am a visual person. I like to play and enjoy colors and shapes.
About My Designs experimental, geometric, colorful, algorithmic, SUDOKU, puzzles, psychedelic, Eulatik, mathematical
My Source of Inspiration I have a weakness for SUDOKU. At some point I started to replace the numbers with colors and simple geometric shapes which are often inspired by nature and everyday life. I am fascinated by the resulting patterns. I have chosen the term Eulatik for my approach to pattern making, since mathematician Euler has invented a forerunner of SUDOKU.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design a new life for myself after quitting my job in semiconductor production
Geometric Maze Seamless Vector PatternRetro Ivy Vector DesignPsychedelic Circles Vector PatternEulatik Drop Repeating PatternSquares For Rosy Design PatternChicken Or Egg Repeat PatternIn The Sudoku Patch Pattern DesignEulatik Of The Semicircles Repeat PatternThe Chick Bang Theory Seamless Vector PatternThe Colors Of Cezanne Pattern DesignHarlequin Chaos Seamless Vector PatternYin And Yang Vector DesignSpring In The Sudoku Patch Pattern DesignMenage A Trois Pattern DesignHeart Fields Seamless PatternTangram Pattern DesignEulatik O Repeating PatternEulatik Floral Seamless Vector PatternMatador Repeat PatternEulatik Floral Express RepeatMiss Egg Contest Seamless PatternEulatik To The Square Seamless PatternToo Many Fish In The Pond Pattern DesignEulatik Triangles Repeating PatternFig And Leaf Pattern DesignEulatik Waves Seamless Vector PatternLittle Dots In The Canola Field Vector DesignGeometric Lemonade Seamless Vector PatternEggs In The Glass RepeatEulatik Rhombus Design PatternThe Strawberry Vanilla Labyrinth Vector OrnamentEulatik Art Deco Vector OrnamentSirtaki RepeatMy Mondrian Vector OrnamentEulatik Eyecatcher Vector DesignEulatik Zigzag RepeatCircles From Provence Vector PatternEulatik Retro Petals Repeat PatternChristmas Tree Trails Design PatternGeometric Rush Hour Design PatternEulatik Labyrinth Vector DesignHappy Squares Seamless PatternPalace Guards Of The Caliph Pattern DesignCandle Light On Check Seamless PatternWith The Eyes Of Spring Repeat PatternEulatik Eye Repeating PatternMiso Soup Geometry Pattern DesignWindows To The Squares Repeating PatternThe Starfish Family Seamless PatternBrushed Ellipses Seamless Vector PatternGuardian Angel Seamless PatternWoodcut Ellipses Vector PatternMoroccan Stars Vector PatternMesmerizing Circles Vector Design