100% Quality Assurance

All vector designs must pass our industry leading quality checks

Since we founded Pattern Design, quality has been a basic requirement in our daily work in order to guarantee 100% quality assurance for our vector designs. Over the years we have further developed and perfected our quality control in order to provide our seamless vector designs error-free and ready for printing. Our 14 industry-leading quality checks include the following steps:

Check 1

The seamless repeat

We make sure that the pattern repeat is 100% seamless.

Check 2

The elaboration

We make sure that the details of the vector designs are meticulously worked out.

Check 3

The scalability

We make sure that all elements of the vector design are scalable without unwanted changes.

Check 4

The Vectors

We make sure that the pattern design is 100% vectors.

Check 5

The design partners

We make sure that the designers meet our high customer requirements (checked by an application process).

Check 6

The file format

We ensure that the sample design is uploaded as an SVG file with the appropriate SVG settings.

Check 7

The look

We make sure that the pattern repeat is not too obvious.

Check 8

The color mode

We make sure that the vector file has the correct color mode (RGB).

Check 9

The shape

We make sure that all vector designs can be filtered based on the shape of the pattern tile (square or rectangle).

Check 10

The gradients

We ensure that all sample designs can be filtered in advance, whether they should contain color gradients or not.

Check 11

The colors

We make sure that all vector patterns are searchable based on the number of colors used.

Check 12

The complexity

We make sure that all vector designs can be preselected for complexity (on a scale from 1 to 5).

Check 13

The mirroring

We ensure that all pattern designs can be preselected with regard to the possibility of mirroring.

Check 14

The border

We ensure that all vector patterns can be pre-selected for use as borders.

Production Methods Oriented

As from the beginning, ideal processing possibilities have been the benchmark for our repeat patterns. Digital printing within large format printing has revolutionized various industries. Though, a content of fitting as well as scalable patterns was missing. Pattern Design closes this gap respectively provides seamless designs which absolutely assure a pin-sharp printing result. Moreover, our patterns can also be manufactured by other methods such as screen printing, weaving and laser cutting. Thanks to many assigned parameters, for example the number of colors, suitable pattern designs can be pre-selected. A purchased seamless design can be downloaded in various file formats. We continuously discover new applications for which we offer suitable solutions.

Design Consultancy

You are looking for a specific design style, but need help with your pre-selection? We would be pleased to assist you! You are welcome to contact us:


Phone: +43 699 197 85 410

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